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Innovate Israel

Innovate Israel is a pioneering consultancy specializing in open innovation, with a proven track record of helping organizations across various industries drive innovation, improve operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. To become leaders, organizations must invent, innovate, and develop new technologies while reducing time to market. At the same time, current industry leaders must reinvent themselves and keep up with the technological pace to maintain their position. Our mission is to facilitate the collaboration between established businesses and cutting-edge startups and technology partners, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem that drives business growth. At Innovate Israel, we are passionate about driving innovation and helping organizations thrive in an ever-evolving global world where technology, customer expectations, and competitive landscapes are in constant flux. Through Innovate Israel, corporations can reduce cost, time to market, and risk factors by leveraging resources and knowledge from the startup ecosystem to create technological solutions. Our approach to open innovation goes beyond conventional boundaries. We believe that innovation knows no limits, and our services are designed to transcend geographical and industry constraints. We aim to create a collaborative ecosystem that fosters growth, efficiency, and unparalleled customer experiences by connecting organizations with the brightest minds and pioneering startups in Israel and worldwide.

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mantro logo

mantro is a seasoned innovator, offering a comprehensive range of services in business development, artificial intelligence, and software development for new business creation. With over two decades of experience, we have supported some of the most iconic companies, enabling them to excel in ever-changing markets.

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Net Positive Labs logo
Net Positive Labs
United Kingdom

Net Positive Labs has the mission to accelerate the transformation towards a more sustainable world. We work with companies to co-create high growth businesses that fix the dysfunctions of current models and address societal and planetary needs. We do this by mixing circular and regenerative economics with the powers of venture building.

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Olga Kisselman logo
Olga Kisselman

Olga Kisselmann is an expert innovation consultant and workshop facilitator with over 10 years of guiding organizations through digital transformation. She leverages her extensive experience running design sprints, ideation sessions, and requirement-gathering workshops to extract strategic insights and align stakeholders.As a facilitator, Olga utilizes interactive exercises and engaging materials to foster productive collaboration even among distributed teams. Her talent for synthesis enables her to identify consensus and consolidate divergent perspectives into coherent solutions. Olga draws on her expertise in design thinking and agile frameworks to promote iterative, user-centric development. Olga is certified as an Agile Coach, Systemic Coach, Team Facilitator, Product Owner, and Design Sprint Facilitator, Her hands-on approach delivers rapid prototypes and minimum viable products for early market validation. With a passion for coaching, Olga excels at unlocking creativity and empowering teams to reach their highest potential. She guides groups through productive brainstorming, effective prioritization, and conflict resolution. Her mentorship helps orient organizations toward a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Olga couples strategic vision with pragmatic execution to drive tangible outcomes from innovation initiatives. As a high-end consultant, she provides the facilitation, leadership, and oversight required to implement change successfully across global enterprises. Olga’s blend of technical knowledge and interpersonal ability make her an invaluable partner for digital transformation.

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Innovation Architect logo
Innovation Architect

I’m a strategic design facilitator, collaborator, and educator, bridging the gap between innovation and enterprise for future-oriented ventures, institutions and ecosystem enablers. I care about helping people solve meaningful problems, so they can achieve positive impact in what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. My approach to problem solving and discovering opportunities is through leveraging strategic design and design thinking methodologies in the output of facilitation (workshops, sprints, programs), collaboration (venture building, project-based consulting) and education (teaching, speaking). These methodologies have helped 150+ ventures, 10+ accelerators/incubators, 5+ universities, and ecosystems across Europe and the USA. I have a balanced approach of working both locally and globally, with a focus on building bridges between ecosystems, organizations, regions and countries to ultimately foster more innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Bundl logo

Bring startup action to your corporate ambition. We help you build a portfolio of ventures and programs that successfully tap into new opportunities, core and beyond, by leveraging your existing capabilities and our years of proven entrepreneurial experience.

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