Manage your alumni network

Invite your current alumni startups or add startups from programs on Founderhood.

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Split your alumni in groups & encourage collaboration through forum.

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Host live sessions only for your alumni, share perks, and educational content.

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Track your alumni startup's progress with monthly or yearly KPI updates.

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All alumni features

Customize your program's setup based on your needs

Customize the theme based on your visual identity

Split your startups in different groups & add mentors

Run Live Sessions & invite external speakers

Broadcast to Founderhood via Youtube & Vimeo

Share the recordings from your live sessions

Build an educational Library with external links

Offer unique perks to your alumni startups

Create a forum for your alumni community

Notify alumni for updates via Slack integration

Create custom templates & email your alumni

Receive yearly KPI progress updates to monitor alumni

Export alumni & their progress updates data (csv)

Start managing your alumni startups with Founderhood.

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Streamline your application process with Founderhood's efficient tools. Receive and evaluate startup applications seamlessly, all in one place.

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Streamline your organizational management and engage a thriving external community, enhancing the success of your startup program.