Simplify the day-to-day operations for your in person program

Streamline your tools, processes and metrics. All in one platform.

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Keep your program organized and easy to monitor

  • Understand your program’s insights with KPIs, evaluations and applications all in the same platform.
  • Track significant metrics and adjust as the program progresses.
  • All-in-one process that brings all program contributors together covering from application phase, to interviews, evaluations and finalists selection.
  • Evaluation process offering face-to-face interaction with the founders.
evaluation process on the platform
weekly KPIs gathering & analyzing on the platform

Stay on top of your program’s hard numbers

  • Set up weekly updates to understand your program’s insights and founders progress.
  • Track significant metrics and adjust as the program progresses.
  • Gain access to your participants progress analysis with quantitative data.

Provide all the resources of your program, anytime founders need them

  • Host and record Q&A sessions, talks and workshops to rewatch anytime.
  • Open up your program’s resources any time.
  • Make it easy for founders to set up sessions with their mentors at their own pace.
  • Set up easily trackable KPIs of your founders progress to help them stay aligned with their goals and make it from zero to hero.
tasks and meetings on the platform

Boost the way you support startups with efficiency.

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