Get the best from both worlds

Connect the dots of your program’s in-person and virtual parts. All customised to your founders needs.

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Combine face to face and digital in a program with the best of both worlds

  • Utilize forms and digital analysis of data to visualize progress.
  • Track and store KPIs the way that fits your program’s needs.
  • Reduce time and complexity and optimise your efficiency by managing all your data in one place and adjust on the go.
evaluation process on the platform
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Flexibility is what founders need. Let them play their part easily and customize the process to fit their needs

  • Host and record Q&A sessions, talks and workshops both online and offline.
  • Build up a vault with educational material and resources available online anytime.
  • Adjust the program resources according to your founders’ speed and maturity.

Provide both face to face networking and an online community on the same program

  • Structure an interactive format of your program in person and further assist online.
  • Create a community to let the participants and contributors know they remain connected.
  • Provide the opportunity to turn what starts face to face in a powerful online hub.
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Boost the way you support startups with efficiency.

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