Create a unique digital experience for your founders

Open up your programs to the world. Bring all forces together in a virtual enviroment that assist founders to grow.

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Digital can go hand in hand with personalization

  • Gain insights and evaluate KPIs to adjust the program even after its initiation.
  • Record and store live sessions to make them accessible; Q&As, workshops, speaking sessions.
  • Ease the process for all your founders and keep track of the speed your teams are growing.
  • Store information and benefit from virtual visualization of the data.
evaluation process on the platform
private discussions on the platform

Strong relations around startup programs is a powerful asset and offers real structural advantages

  • Stay in touch anytime with participants.
  • Create meaningful relationships amongst contributors.
  • Create a networking and brainstorming hub within the same platform.
  • Offer the opportunity to access practical ecosystem education.

Digital programs for startups stand as an ingenious solution. True innovation is co-existing with everyone

  • Draw the lines and create a balanced virtual program with human connection.
  • Offer the opportunity to contributors and founders to interact and work close together.
  • Promote community building as a tool to -boost engagement and enhance program’s humane aspect.
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Boost the way you support startups with efficiency.

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