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Every tech founder needs access to the best startup resources in the very early stages, no matter the industry or the location.

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Create an online pre-acceleration program

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100% Online

Founders can have access from every place on earth

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Global experience

Engage easily experts & mentors from all around the globe

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Number of teams

Our platform can support a program for 10 teams to a million

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What a regular pre-acceleration program in our platform consists of

  • Office hours

    Weekly Q&A sessions with experts, startup founders & investors

  • Community

    Forum for all the participants to come together and discuss in various channels

  • KPIs updates

    Weekly updates to keep founders focused on progressing throughout the program

  • Educational material

    Material produced by you or our own curated educational material

We work with the biggest organizations

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Meet some experts of our network

In our network we have more than 200 experts & mentors from all around the globe

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Co-founder & CEO, UK

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Co-founder & CEO, Greece

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Independent Consultant & Investment Advisor, Greece

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ex Chief Creative Officer - Greek goverment, Greece

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